Supercharger development files

Dev Overview
Dasm Assembler
Distella Disassembler
Hardware Hack
Cutbin .bin fixer
Tape Format
Solaris Source
Makebin v1.0


Now you can digitally remaster your Supercharger tapes, or play the games on an Atari 2600 emulator! Makebin is a DOS application (32-bit and 16-bit versions included) that allows you to convert a .wav file of a Supercharger game into a .bin file for use with an Atari 2600 emulator. You can also use the .bin file to create a digitally remastered .wav file by using Makewav v3.1! For anyone who would like to compile this program for another operating system, here is the Makebin source code for MS VC++ v5.0.

Thanks to Eckhard Stolberg for compiling the 16-bit version of Makebin!

Please visit the homepage of Bridgestone they hold the rights to the Supercharger games.
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