Cheetah Codes

Cheetah Codes V1
Aug 26, 1996
By Bob Colbert

Note: You can use multiple codes to get a desired effect, for example you would use the first three codes for Adventure so the dragons can't harm you at all!

  • 87CF10 - Dragons can't eat you (but can still push you around!)
  • 4E9000 & 4DD000 - Dragons can't touch you (but can still eat you!)
  • 4C6EAF & 4D6EA3 - You can go through walls and barriers

    Chase the Chuckwagon
  • 77BEAA - Unlimited time


  • Codes by Nick Bensema

    Keystone Kapers
  • ED9xx0 - Start at level xx where xx is the level number in hexadecimal

  • 53EEA1 - Unlimited lives
  • 516EA3 - Power Pills last forever
  • 5E4EA1 - Able to eat ghosts at any time

  • Codes by Jay Tilton