NEWSLETTER March, 2000

President's Corner
by Michael Current
March, 2000

I've embarked on a rather massive project which, at least in the early stage, involved using my Atari setup fairly extensively. I'd archived all my saved e-mails from 1989-1995 on about 6 5.25" Atari DS/DD 360K disks, some MYDOS format, the later ones SpartaDOS. My goal is to merge these e-mails with the rest of my saved e-mail, which is now located on the IMAP mail server at work. Step one was to get the files over to my PC, where I can very manually convert them to Eudora format, and then use Eudora to transfer to the mail server. I did the Atari->PC transfer using a 5.25" SS/DD 180K MYDOS disk, which can be read with "UTIL" on the PC. I used the SpartaDOS X Menu program to copy files from the source disk in the XF551, to the "transfer" 180K disk in my Indus GT (recently obtained at a SPACE auction). Two transfers per source disk, since the transfer disk is only 180K. Besides the great SDX Menu program, the other great advantage of doing all this under SpartaDOS X was that the cartridge automatically takes advantage of the high-speed capabilities of both the XF551 and the even-faster Indus GT. The only hitch was a single sector on one disk which would not allow that file to be copied. I was able to figure out how to use the DiskRX utility for SpartaDOS to rescue the rest of the file, and even to view the data in the problematic sector, so I was able to rebuild the complete file when it got to the PC. Other than games, I haven't had this much fun with computers for a long time!


We haven't made headway in a while, but I have many ideas to offer up this time. In Article V, "Meetings," we are ready to vote on the following:

Strike Section 3, which reads: "Special Meetings can be called by the Executive Board or upon the written request of 10 club members. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. Except in the case of emergency, at least 3 days notice shall be given."

Change Section 4, from:
"Fifteen (15) members of the club constitute a quorum, when current membership exceeds 50; all other times a quorum shall be 7 members" to:
"A Club meeting cannot take place without at least one Officer and one other member present."

I propose that we, for now, move Section 6, which specifies that DOMs are to be sold at club meetings, and how DOM prices are set, to Article XI, "General," where there are several other Sections on DOM policies. When we reach Article XI, we can split off a new Article just for DOM policies.

Also at the March meeting, I would like for us to discuss merging Article VI, "The Executive Board," into Article IV, "Officers," which we could do IF we were to do away with Special Interest Groups and Committees: Articles VII and VIII.

This is probably way to much to cover in one meeting. On the other hand, we're closer to a cleaned-up Bylaws than I realized!

Finally, I'd like to briefly mention that Greg and I wish to discuss our plan for auctioning off the SPACE material collection. Specifically, how to handle the many different magazine combinations in our possession, plus my desire to treat historical Club documentation differently somehow.

Thanks, keep using that Atari, and come to your next SPACE meeting, Friday March 10.


The February Newsletter was Printed and Mailed out last Month with the President's Corner from January. Following is the President's Corner for February.


President's Corner by Michael Current
February, 2000

A couple weeks ago I landed in the ER due to much blood loss from a bleeding ulcer. I spent three nights in the hospital, and about two weeks away from work so far. Recovery is slow, at least to someone like me who has never experienced anything like this before. I don't actually believe I'm out of the woods just yet.

But believe it or not, there's an Atari connection. A friend of mine has spent a lot of time at my place keeping me company while I recuperate. I discovered that letting her try out some of my 8-bit Atari game carts was a big hit. It brought back a lot of memories for me. I used to be able to impress friends by having them over to play Pac-Man almost 20 years ago. And with the very same game, I'm still doing it!

Thanks, keep using that Atari, and come to your next SPACE meeting, Friday February 11.

Secretary's Report
by Mike Weist
March, 2000

Space Minutes February 11, 2000

Space meeting opened at 7:40 PM. Michael Current, Space club president, welcomed members to the meeting. Michael asked for a secretary report for the month of January 2000. Mike Weist, club secretary, was not able to make the January 2000 Space club meeting. Greg Leitner, club treasurer, took minutes for January 2000 for Mike Weist. Greg recapped minutes printed in February newsletter.

Michael Current asked for a treasurer's report. Greg Leitner, club treasurer, gave a report. Greg stated last month was a good month. We had one membership renewal and 18 DOM sales. Greg said Mike Schmidt, club newsletter editor, hasn't been at the last few meetings and the club owes him for newsletter costs. Greg said $10 was paid out to Lance Ringquist for BBS cost and $225 was paid for room rent. Total expenses were $335. The club took in $69. The new club treasury is now $1168.20. Greg notes that there will be a club auction tonight, look good!

Michael Current asked for a DOM report. Glenn Kirschenmann, DOM chair, gave a report. Glenn said he went through Belcom CD for programs to put on DOM on both sides. Glenn stated there are some great games on the DOM. Side 1-Two basic games by a Canadian and side 2-other games. Glenn noted that he has discovered a bad directory(2/3 there), bad files, games that don't work. Michael Current asked why last month's DOM was so popular.

Michael Current asked for a membership report. Glenn Kirschenman, membership chair, gave a report. Glenn says he hasn't heard from Larry Serflaten. Mike Schmidt and Red Malchow need to renew their memberships. Mike and Earline Fitzpatrick haven't renewed their memberships.

OLD BUSINESS- Brian Little, club member, will return Michael Current's video- Classic Game Expo '99 next month.

Michael Current said that bylaw changes discussed at January meeting will be voted on at March 2000 meeting.

Michael Current said President's corner in February 2000 newsletter is wrong What is in February newsletter is actually January's President's Corner article.

NEW BUSINESS- Mike Weist talked about Nathan Block (past club president)who now is owner of the Plaza Theater in Maplewood, MN. Mike also talked about Mid winter madness coming to Blaine Sports Center in April 2000.

Michael Current talked about his interview, with Northfield Newspaper. The article will appear in a special section of the newspaper this month. Michael will bring newspaper into the next meeting in March 2000.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM. Club auction followed meeting.

Mike Weist
Club Secretary


I would like to thank Greg Leitner, club treasurer, for taking over for me in January 2000. It was really appreciated. Thanks Greg!!!

Treasurer's Report
by Greg Leitner
March, 2000

I was hoping that the February SPACE meeting would be attended by all the members since we are now starting to auction the Club's Atari items that have been kept in storage for many years. It was rather disappointing to see only seven members present, but then again it was reported by Glen that our paid-up membership is down to only thirteen members.

We are going to auction more Club items in the next few months and if we have time we may do some more at the March meeting. You all have a stake in these items so it is in your best interest to keep attending. We also need to decide on how to auction off all the Atari magazines, and believe me when I say there are too many to list.

Following is the financial picture for the month ended February 29, 2000:

Beginning balance for February 1, 2000   $1,168.20

Income for February:
        Dom Sales                           $12.00
        Auction Sales (net)                 $31.00
Total Receipts                             $ 43.00

Expenses for February:
         BBS Phone                          $10.00
Total Expenses                              $10.00

Net Gain/Loss for the month of February 2000 is +$33.00

Club balance at February 29, 2000 is     $1,201.20

We would have liked to have done better with the auction, but we need more members to bid. Also our DOM sales would benefit from the higher turnout. So please try to make the March meeting.

We had a very lively discussion about computer programmers and the type of breed these people are and it became almost comical to hear the stories being told. Mike Current has also updated us on the Northfield News interview he gave on Atari computers. He may be bringing the article with him to the next meeting.

We got so carried away with our discussions that it left no time to go over the Club by-laws that need attending and so we pushed that off for the March meeting also. So you see there is a lot to do and to try to accomplish at our SPACE meetings and it is very important that we get feedback from all our members. So I am asking once again, please join us in March, and help us keep the Atari experience alive.


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