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COMPUTE! Index: Jan/Feb 1980 - September 1988

COMPUTE! The Journal for Progressive Computing ISSN 0194-357X

COMPUTE! began publishing in Nov/Dec 1979 (when it was called COMPUTE.). It was started after acquiring The PET Gazette in 1979, and absorbing Pet User Notes and 6502 User Notes. It acquired Recreational Computing in November 1981 and Home and Educational Computing (formerly PCC Newspaper) in March 1982. COMPUTE!'s Gazette was spun off as a separate magazine in July 1983, with exclusively VIC-20 and 64 material, and COMPUTE!'s PC was spun off in 1987 with IBM coverage and an included floppy disk. In January or February 1984, COMPUTE! added PC coverage, and in May 1988, COMPUTE! changed its focus to PC clones and stopped publishing type-in programs. COMPUTE! was bought by Ziff-Davis, then General Media, changed its name to COMPUTE and ceased publishing in September 1994 with vol. 16, no. 9.

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This partial index of COMPUTE! was entered by Dan Fandrich with help from Simon Weel, Jeno E. Kontros, Matthew Sew Hoy and Michael LeRoux.



Jan/Feb 1980 - Iss. 2
Sorting Sorts, Part 2, Memory Partition of Basic Workspace, Home Accounting, Plus An Easier Method of Saving Data, Machine Language Versus Basic: Prime Number Generation/AIM 65, Basic Memory Map (Page 0): Aim, Kim, Sym, PET, Apple, Comparison of Microsoft PET Basic with Atari Basic, The Ouch in Atari Basic, Atari Basic, Part 2, Computer Programs and Your Ethics, Saving Memory in Large Programs, The Deadly Linefeed, Apparent Malfunction of the < Key, Using Direct Access Files with the Commodore 2040 Disk Drive, Null Return Simulator for PET Users, A Few Entry Points, Original/Upgrade ROM, Plotting with the CBM 2022 Printer, Inside the 2040 Disk Drive, A Sym-1 Message Scroller, Adapting Basic Programs from other Machines to the OSI, Proofread for your KIM, Notes on the Pulse-Counting Mode of the 6522, Tokens in OSI Basic.


May/June 1980 - Iss. 4
Keeping Up the Payments: Basically Useful BASIC, Inside Atari BASIC, Bit Files on a Small Computer, Using Pet's Second Cassette Buffer to Increase Memory Space, Enhancing Commodore's Word Pro III, Machine Language Tools, Algebraic Input for the Pet, Pet Data Copier, Cross Reference for the Pet, Structured Gaming in High School Computer Science, a Pet "Answer-Box" Program, Pet-GET with Flashing Cursor, PETting With A Joystick, Interview with Taylor Pohlman, Apple's Product Marketing Manager, Introduction to 3-D Graphics for your Atari, Atari Tape Data Files: A Consumer Oriented Approach, "Enter" With Atari, Atari Program Saving, Part II, BAM for Commodore Drives, Cheep Print, Part II, Relocate Pet Monitor Almost Anywhere.


January 1981
Load PET Programs Into the Apple II, Player-Missile Graphics for Atari, The Atari DOS, The Kernel of the OSI Operating System, Fixing LOADing Problems on the PET, Spooling with the PET Disk, Expanding KIM.

February 1981
Simulating PRINT USING, Using the Atari as a Terminal for Telecommunications, Attach a Printer to the Atari, Double Density Graphing on C1P, Commodore Disk Systems, PET Crash Prevention, A 25¢ Apple II Clock

March 1981
Machine Language Programming for Beginners, Getting the Most from your PET Cassette Deck, Apple and Pascal, Flipping your Apple Disk, Designing your own Atari Character Sets, Renumber for Atari, An Atari Disassembler, Six-fun Shootout Game for OSI C1P, PET Machine Language Graphics.

April 1981
How to be a VIC Expert, Resolving the Applesoft and Hires Graphics Memory Conflicts, Atari SuperCube, String Arrays in Atari, Memory Partition in PET, PET Relative Files, Working with BASIC 4.0, Commodore File I/O, ROM Expansion for Commodore PET.

May 1981
Named GOSUB/GOTO in Applesoft, Generating Lower Case Text on Apple II, Copy Atari Screens to the Printer, Disk Directory Printer for Atari, Realtime Clock on Atari, PET BASIC Delete Utility, PET Calculated Bar Graphs, Running 40 Column Programs on a CBM 8032.

June 1981
Computer Using Educators (CUE) on Software Pricing, Apple II Hires Character Generator, Ever-expanding Apple Power, Color Burst for Atari, Mixing Atari Graphics Modes O and 8, Relocating PET BASIC Programs, An Assembler In BASIC for PET, QuadraPET: Multitasking?

July 1981
Home Heating and Cooling, Animating Integer BASIC Lores Graphics, The Apple Hires Shape Writer, Adding a Voice Track to Atari Programs, Machine Language Atari Joystick Driver, Four Screen Utilities for the PET, Saving Machine Language Programs on PET Tape Headers, Commodore ROM Systems, The Voracious Butterfly on OSI.

August 1981
Minimize Code and Maximize Speed, Apple Disk Motor Control, A Cassette Tape Monitor for the Apple, Easy Reading of the Atari joystick, Blockade Game for the Atari, Atari Sound Utility, The CBM "Fat 40", Keyword for PET, CBM/PET Loading, Chaining and Overlaying.

September 1981
The Column Calculator, What is a Modem and Why Do I Need One?, PET, Apple, Atari: On Speaking Terms, A Tape "EXEC" for Applesoft, A Self-altering Program for Apple II, Positioning P/M Graphics and Regular Graphics in Memory, An Atari BASIC Sort, Shoot, an Arcade Game for Atari, Exploring OSI's Video Routine, PET Tape Append and Renumber, All About LOADing PET Cassettes.

October 1981
Automatic DATA Statements for CBM and Atari, VIC News, Undeletable Lines on Apple, PET, VIC, Budgeting on the Apple, Switching Cleanly from Text to Graphics on Apple, Atari Cassette Boot-tapes, Atari Variable Name Utility, Atari Program Library, Train your to PET to Run VIC Programs, Interface a BSR Remote Control System to PET, A General Purpose BCD to Binary Routine, Converting to Fat-40 PET.

November 1981
SuperPET: A Preview, Japanese Micros: A First Look, Introduction to Binary Numbers, An Apple Primer, Page Flipper for Apple, An Atari Database System, A Program for Writing Programs on the Atari, Atari Textplot, OSI Relocation, the PET Speaks, Inversion Partitioning, A Personal News Service on PET, Bits, Bytes and Basic Boole.

December 1981
Saving Fuel $$ (Multiple Computers: versions for Apple, PET, and Atari), Unscramble Game (multiple computers), Maze Generator (multiple computers), Animating Applesoft Graphics, A simple Printer Interface for the Apple II, A Simple Atari Word processor, Adding High Speed Vertical Positioning to Atari P/M Graphics, OSI Supercursor, A Look At SuperPET, Supermon for PET/CBM, PET Mine Maze Game.

January 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 1, Iss. 20
Invest (multiple computers), Developing a Business Algorithm (multiple computers), Apple Addresses, Lowercase with Unmodified Apple, Cryptogram Game for Atari, Superfont: Design Special Character Sets on Atari, PET Repairs for the Amateur, Micromon for PET, Self-modifying Programs in PET BASIC, Tinymon: a VIC Monitor, Vic Color Tips, VIC Memory Map, ZAP: A VIC Game.

February 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 2, Iss. 21
Insurance Inventory (multiple computers), Musical Transposition (multiple computers), Multitasking Emulator (multiple computers), Disassemble Apple Programs from BASIC, Plotting Polar Graphs on Apple, Atari P/M Graphics Made Easy, Atari PILOT, Put A Rainbow in your Atari, Marquee for PET, PET Disk Disassembler, VIC Paddles and Keyboard, VIC Timekeeping

March 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 3, Iss. 22
Word Hunt Game (multiple computers), Infinite Precision Multiply (multiple computers), Atari Concentration Game, VIC Starfight Game, CBM BASIC 4.0 To Upgrade Conversion Kit, Apple Addresses, VIC Maps, EPROM Reliability, Atari Ghost Programming, Atari Machine Language Sort, Random Music Composition on PET, Comment Your Apple II Catalog.

April 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 4, Iss. 23
Track Down Those Memory Bugs (multiple computers), Shooting Stars Game(multiple computers); Intelligent input Subroutines (multiple computers), Ultracube for Atari, Customizing Apple's Copy Program, Using PET/CBM In The High School Physics Lab, Grading Exams on a Microcomputer (multiple computers), Atari Mailing List, Renumber VIC Programs The Easy Way, Browsing the VIC Chip, Disk Checkout for PET/CBM.

May 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 5, Iss. 24
VIC Meteor Maze Game, Atari Disk Drive Speed Check, Modifying Apple's Floating Point BASIC, Fast Sort For PET/ CBM, Extra Atari Colors Through Artifacting, Life Insurance Estimator (multiple computers), PET Screen Input, Getting The Most Out Of VIC's 5000 Bytes.

June 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 6, Iss. 25
Outpost Game (multiple computers), Apple Pascal Lister, Income Property (multiple computers), VIC Intelligent Videodisc System, Atari Disk Operating Systems, PET/Apple Search, A Self-modifying Atari P/M Utility, Use Atari Joysticks with VIC, VIC/PET Program Transfers.

July 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 7, Iss. 26
Gold Miner Game (Atari and VIC), IRA Planner (multiple computers), Atari Video Graphics, Apple DOS Changer, Super QuadraPET, VIC Overview, Maze Race (multiple computers), Direct Access File Editor (PET and Atari), VIC Super Expander Memory Map, Using The 6560 Video Interface Chip, PET Compactor, Headless FORTH Metacompilation, Test RAM Nondestructively (multiple computers).

August 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 8, Iss. 27
The New Wave Of Personal Computers, Household Budget Manager (multiple computers), Word Games (multiple computers), Color Computer Home Energy Monitor, Intelligent Apple Filing Cabinet, Guess That Animal (multiple computers), PET/CBM Inner BASIC, VIC Communications, Keyprint Compendium, Animation With Atari, VIC Curiosities, Atari Substring Search, PET and VIC Electric Eraser.

September 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 9, Iss. 28
Apple and Atari and the Sounds of TRON, Commodore Automatic Disk Boot, VIC Joysticks, Three Atari GTIA Articles, Color Computer Graphics, The Apple PILOT Language, Sprites and Sound on the Commodore 64, Peripheral Vision Exerciser (multiple computers), Banish INPUT Statements (multiple computers), Charades (multiple computers), PET Pointer Sort, VIC Pause, Mapping Machine Language, Editing Atari BASIC With the Assembler Cartridge, Process Any Apple Disk File.


December 1982 - Vol. 4, No. 12, Iss. 31
Computers in the Home: 1990, Simulator: A Modeling Planner (multiple computers), CalCalc: Computerize Your Diet (multiple computers), All Sorts of BASIC Sorts, Is Your TV a Radiation Hazard?, VIC and PET PILOT Interpreter, Hidden Maze (multiple computers), Understanding VIC High Resolution Graphics, Making the Turtle Count, Extrapolations: Beat the "Applesoft Renumber" Blues, Machine Language: Hexed, A Universal Program Lister (VIC, PET), Renumber for Atari, VIC Block SAVE and LOAD, TextPlot II (Atari), Commodore 64 Sprite Editor, Tiny Aid for VIC-20, Atari PEEK and POKE alternatives, Paper Monitor Switch for 2022 Printer, A Floppy with a Strange Device, VIC File Clerk, Undeletable Lines, Revisited, Atari Moving Message Utility, Restore (N) in Applesoft, Codemover, Checkbook (VIC), Speed Limit for your Atari, A Graphics Plot for the Epson MS-80 Printer, Flashing Prompt for VIC and PET, Recreational Computing Back Issues.

January 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 1, Iss. 32
Ask The Readers, Questions Beginners Ask, Computers and Society, Sound Synthesis And The Personal Computer, Atari's Sound System, Juggler, Thunderbird, Friends of the Turtle, Review: Preppie! for Atari, Review: A Financial Wizard for Atari, Automate Your Atari, INSIGHT: Atari, Music and Sound Programs, Writing Transportable BASIC, Home Energy Calculator, All About Commodore WAIT, Supermon 64, Perfect Commodore INPUTs, VIC Sound Generator, Copy VIC Disk Files, Commodore 64 Architecture, Atari Lister, Atari Autonumber, Download/Upload for the Atari, Atari's Exponents, CAPUTE!

February 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 2, Iss. 33
How The Pros Write Computer Games, 12 Joysticks Compared, Slalom (a game in 3-D for multiple computers), Super Shell Sort for PET, Atari SuperFont Plus, Creating Graphics on the VIC, Joysticks and Sprites on the 64, Bi-Directional VIC Scrolling, Commodore 64 Video: A Guided Tour, The Atari Cruncher, Easy Apple Editing, VIC Custom Characters for Games, Ask The Readers, Artificial Reality, The Beginner's Page, A Day At The Races, Writing Transportable BASIC, Copy Cat, Mastermaze, Making Change, Review: Andromeda, Review: Shamus, SuperFont Plus, INSIGHT: Atari, Atari Line Range Manipulator, 'Stringing' Atari Machine Code, Left-handed Atari Joysticks, CAPUTE!

March 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 3, Iss. 34
An Introduction to Data Storage (multiple computers), Mass Memory Now and in the Future, Games: Closeout, Boggler, Fighter Aces, Letter and Number Play (all for multiple computers), VIC Music, Direct Atari Disk Access, Automatic Commodore Program Selector, PET Quickplot, A Commodore Gotcha, VIC and Atari Memory Management, Friendly VIC INPUTs, Ask The Readers

April 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 4, Iss. 35
Selecting the Right Word Processor, Air Defense (multiple computers), Commodore Structure BASIC, Retirement Planner (multiple computers), Dr. Video For Commodore, Atari Filefixer, Video 80: 80 Columns For the Atari, VICword Magic Commodore BASIC, A BASIC Hex Editor For VIC, VIC Music Theory.

May 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 5, Iss. 36
The New Low-Cost Printer/Plotters, Jumping Jack (multiple computers), Deflector (multiple computers), VIC Kaleidoscope, Graphics on the Sinclair/Timex, Bootmaker For VIC, PET and 64, VICSTATION: A "Paperless Office" The Atari Musician, Puzzle Generator (multiple computers), Instant 64 Art, 64 Odds And Ends, Versatile VIC Data Acquisition, POP For Commodore.

June 1983 June 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 6, Iss. 37
How To Buy The Right Printer, The New Low-Cost Printers, Using A Printer With The TI-99/4A, Commodore to ASCII for Printers, Connecting a Printer to the TRS-80 Color Computer, Astrostorm, The Hawkmen of Dindrin, Bee Trap, Memory Trainer, MusicMaster for the Commodore 64, Review: Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide, Review: The Printographer Graphics Printer Package for the Apple, Review: Marathon for Atari, Review: Disk Data Manager for VIC and 64, Review: Ghost Encounters for Atari, Computers and Society: Androids and Robots, On the Road with Fred D'Ignazio: Twilight of the Computer Hacker, Friends of the Turtle: HES Turtle Graphics II, The World Inside the Computer: Turning LOGO Upside Down, Micros with the Handicapped: Developing a Communications Program, Programming the TI: Translating Programs into TI BASIC, Machine Language: Numeric Output -- Part II, Data Searcher, Apple Shape Generator, Atari Player/Missile Graphics Simplified, Slow List on the VIC-20, VIC 64 and PET Supermon Questions and Answers, An Interesting Fragment of Code, Commodore 64 Video -- A Guided Tour: Part V, Easy VIC Machine Language Saves, TI Structured BASIC, Atari Formats, Joysticks for the Commodore 64, UnNEW for the VIC and 64, Machine Language Saver, Automatic Atari DATA Statements, Atari Fast Shuffle, VIC Contractor, Custom Characters on Atari, Sinclair/Timex Screen Splitter, VIC Power Spirals, Using the Atari Timer, Visiting the VIC-20 Video: Part II, PET Relative File Field Separator, Atari Reset Run, Soft-16 for Commodore 64, Minefield, Relocation Calculator

July 1983 July 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 7, Iss. 38
Constructing the Ideal Computer Game: Part 1, New Products at the Comdex/ Spring Computer Show, Techniques for Writing Your Own Adventure Game, Game POKEr for VIC and 64, RATS!, Goblin, SpeedSki, Castle Quest, The Fortress of Adnil, Roadblock, Time Bomb, Review: Copy-Writer Word Processor, Review: Mastertype, Review: Claim Jumper for Atari, Review: Courseware Report Card and Educational Software Directory, Review: Legionnaire for Atari, Computers and Society: The Fifth Generation, Learning With Computers: A Library at Your Fingertips, The World Inside the Computer: Superbaby Meets the Computer, Machine Language: Numeric Output -- Part III, Programming the TI: Planning Color Sets, How to Create a Data Filing System: Part I -- Choosing the Right File Type, How to Make Backup Disks for VIC and 64, Circles, PET Uncompactor, Statistical Test of Commodore and Radio Shack RND, How the VIC/64 Serial Bus Works, Atari Sound Experimenter, Commodore REM Revealed, VIC Musician, Timex/Sinclair Screenscrolls, Commodore 64 Video -- A Guided Tour: Part VI, Atari Artifacting, All About the Commodore USR Command, Commodore Programmer's Alarm Clock, Stars, Visiting the VIC-20 Video: Part III, Atari Laser Gunner II: A Vertical Blank Enhancement, TI Mailing List, VIC Bitmapping

August 1983 August 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 8, Iss. 39
The Fall Computer Collection at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show, The Coming Year: The Predictions of Industry Leaders, Weather Forecaster, Constructing the Ideal Computer Game: Part II, Dragon, First Math, Blockhead, Clues, Gold Miner for TI-99/4A, Review: Develop-20, Review: Astro Chase, Review: Galactic Blitz for the VIC-20, Review: Space Station 1 for the TI, Review: Calc Result, Review: Atari Airstrike, Review: HESCAT for PET/CBM, Review: BOOK -- TRS-80 Color Computer BASIC, Review: The Flight Simulator for the Timex/Sinclair, Computers and Society: The Continuing Evolution of Languages, Learning with Computers: After the Basics of BASIC, Programming the TI: DATA READ and RESTORE Statements, Machine Language: A Bagel Break, Converting VIC and 64 Programs to PET, How to Create a Data Filing System: Part II -- Planning the Output, Neat Numbers on the VIC, Atari Verify, PLOTting on the Apple, Relocating VIC Loads, Commodore 64 Video -- A Guided Tour: Part VII, Troubleshooting a Program, VIC and 64 Escape Key, Musical Atari Keyboard, 3-D Color Computer Patterns, VIC-20/64 Translations: Reading the Keyboard, Etch-Atari, Input Functions on the VIC, Apple Bytechanger, Mixing Graphics Modes on the 64, A Fig-Forth Utility, Banish Atari INPUT Statements, Visiting the VIC-20 Video: Part IV, VICplot, VIC Display Messages, FORTH PAGE: Floating Point Division

September 1983 September 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 9, Iss. 40
Smart Products, Games That Teach, Computers in School: New Approaches, Caves of Ice, Gradebook for Atari, Diamond Drop, Mystery Spell, Dots, TI Towers, Review: Telengard, Review: Getaway! for the Atari, Review: Three Game Modules for the TI, Review: The VicTree Programming Module for VIC and 64, Review: Crisis Mountain for Apple and Atari, Review: Magic Storybook -- Three Little Pigs for Atari, Review: Type Attack, Review: Mutant Herd for the VIC, Guest Commentary: Computers in Education, The Beginner's Page: Machine Minds, Computers and Society: Computers Go to School, Friends of the Turtle: The Logo Kaleidoscope, The World Inside the Computer: Beyond Computer Literacy, Learning With Computers: Playful Exercises for the Mind, Programming the TI: Subscripted Variables, Machine Language: Bagel Break -- Part II, VIC Pilot, Ultrasort for Commodore, Easy Atari Page Flipping, How to Create a Data Filing System: Part III -- Planning the Input, Mixing Graphics Modes on the 64: Part II, ISAM: Building Your Own Random File Manager, TI Cadette: Computer Aided Design, Atari Fontbyter, Timex/Sinclair Making Change, Relative Files for VIC-20 and Commodore 64: Part I, Sprite Editor for TI, Atari Menu Buttons, All About the Hardware Interrupt, Cracking the Kernal, Mastermaze Update for the Atari

October 1983 October 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 10, Iss. 41
Telegames: Computer Games By Phone, Nonviolent Games, Coupon File, Dragonmaster, Moving Maze, Mosaic Puzzle, Spelling Quiz, Review: Jumpman, Review: Synthy 64, Review: VICFORTH, Review: Flower Power Math Fun, Review: Mothership for Timex/Sinclair, Review: Turmoil for VIC 64 and Atari, Review: The Commander -- A Command Extension Facility, Review: Picnic Paranoia for Atari, The Beginner's Page: Your First Useful Program, Friends of the Turtle: Ed Emberley's Drawing Procedures, Learning with Computers: Computers and Teaching Children to Read, The World Inside the Computer: Island of Learning, Machine Language Bagel Break: Part 3, Programming the TI: Playing Music on the TI, Merging BASIC Programs from Commodore Disk, Spiralizer, Commodore EXEC, Atari Master Disk Directory, Runway 180: Using Sprites in TI Extended BASIC, How to Create a Data Filing System: Part 4 -- The Main Program, Invisible Disk Directory for VIC and 64, A Multicolor Atari Character Editor, High Speed Mazer, Apple Sounds: From Beeps to Music -- Part 1, Extra Instructions, Commodore DOS Wedges: An Overview, Protector for VIC-20, USR Sort, Working with SID, Atari Safe RAM, VIC Scrolling Bar Graphs, 64 Character Creator, Mark Blank: The Programmer Behind Zork

November 1983 November 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 11, Iss. 42
Telecommunications: How to Get Started, Adding Peripherals: Building a Home Computer System, Choosing the Right TV, Guest Commentary: The High Cost of Personal Communications, Stock Market Analyzer, Goodbye Charlie, Crazy Climber, Alpha Blast, Pathway, Atari Key Panic, U-boat, Review: Androbot's Topo, Review: Paper Porter, Review: Home Computer Games Grow Up (M.U.L.E. Archon Worms), Review: The Timex/Sinclair 2040 Printer, Friends of the Turtle: Bucky and the Turtle -- Exploring the Geometry of Thinking, On the Road with Fred D'Ignazio: How to Get Intimate With Your Computer -- Part 2, The Beginner's Page: Zones of Unpredictability, The World Inside the Computer: How to Get Intimate With Your Computer -- Part 1, Machine Language: Debugging, Programming the TI: Answers to Common Questions, Micros With The Handicapped, 64 Explorer: The STATUS Variable -- Part 2, Commodore Files for Beginners: Part 1, Atari Disk Detective, 64 Sound Tester, How to Improve the TV Quality of the Commodore 64, String Arrays in Atari BASIC, Apple Sounds: From Beeps to Music -- Part 2, Phone Directory and Dialer for the TI, Modem Save and Download for the VIC-20, Termulator for the 64, Automatic Variables for Atari PILOT, The Commodore Character Set, Atari GTIA Textwriter, Using the VIC/64 Function Keys, All About the TI Character Set, VIC/64 Tape Aids, Make Your Apple User-Friendly, Variable Lister, Atari Polycopy, PEEK and PRINT for the VIC-20, High Octane Transfer for Atari

December 1983 December 1983 - Vol. 5, No. 12, Iss. 43
The Home Office, The Christmas of the Computer?, Calorie Cop, Paycheck Analysis, Utility Bill Audit, Gas Mileage, Nightflyer, Space Thief, Chopperoids, Get the Gold, 64 Mosaic Puzzle, Review: Millionaire, Review: The Witness, Review: MAC/64, Review: Stellar Triumph, Review: Gamestape 1 for the Times/Sinclair, Review: Memory Expanders for the VIC-20, Review: TI Statistics, Computers and Society: High Tech High Touch and 1984, The Beginner's Page: Zones of Unpredictability -- Part 2, The World Inside The Computer: Winnie The Pooh's Alphabet Adventures, On the Road With Fred D'Ignazio: The Electronic Chalkboards -- The BBC and the Powerpad, Friends of the Turtle: A Turtle Resource Update, Machine Language: Hopping Around, Programming the TI: Computer Fun, SuperBASIC 64, MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Atari and Commodore 64, List and Scroll for the VIC and 64, Commodore Files for Beginners: Part 2, Art Museum, Bitmap Graphics on the 64, Atari Screenbyter, Disk Explorer for Commodore, The Hidden Pitfalls of Computer Arithmetic, TI Word Processor, Son of Lister for VIC and 64, Commas and Colons in Applesoft Strings: An Easy Way to Use Them, Atari Chartmaker, Comparing Commodore Machine Language Programs, VIC/64 Clock

January 1984 January 1984 - Vol. 5, No. 1, Iss. 44
The Future of Synthetic Music, Robots That Roll Crawl and Bounce, Report on IBM's New PCjr, Micro Mechanic, Demons of Osiris, Colorbot, Review: Commodore EXBASIC LEVEL II, Review: Atari Starbowl Football, Review: Interpod Interface for VIC/64, Review: PAL -- An Extraordinary Assembler for the PET and 64, Review: Robot Runner for the TI, Review: Blue Max for Atari and Commodore 64, On the Road with Fred D'Ignazio: The Robot Teddy Bear, The World Inside The Computer: Computer Popcorn, The Beginner's Page: Canned Calculations, Computers and Society: Computers and the Arts, Friends of the Turtle: The Demons of Atari Logo, Programming the TI: Programming Tips and Hints, Machine Language: Factors -- A Machine Language Factoring Program -- Part 1, 64 Explorer: Printing Graphics, All About Commodore Charting, The Mozart Machine, Hidden 64 Memory, Atari Autorun BASIC, Commodore Files for Beginners: Part 3

February 1984 February 1984 - Vol. 6, No. 2, Iss. 45
How COMPUTE! Readers Use Their Computers, What Makes a Good Game?, The Future of Electronic Games, Circus, Quatrainment, Gotcha!, Review: Submarine Simulations for Commodore, Review: Computer War for Atari VIC and TI, Review: Flip and Flop for Atari and Commodore 64, Review: The Cosmic Balance II for Apple and Atari, Computers and Society: Personal Computers and the Arts, The Beginner's Page: Program Forms, On the Road with Fred D'Ignazio: The Book of the Future -- Electric Unending and Written in RAWM, Learning with Computers: Potentials and Limitations, Micros with the Handicapped: Special Education Applications, The World Inside the Computer: Computing to Read, Machine Language: ML Factors -- Part 2, Programming the TI: Foreign Languages, Commodore 3-D Drawing Master, Speedy BASIC for VIC and 64, 64Key and VICKey, Commodore Files for Beginners: Part 4, Dr. Video 64