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What is " msc "?

We (Stefan and Matthias) are both students to the RWTH Aachen. Our largest hobby are however the " old " Atari of 8 bit processors.

Msc the hard disk INTERFACE

After we became acquainted with ourselves in the summer 1994, we were soon on the search for a common project. Inspired by the INTERFACE of Roland Buehler we began PC bus with the development of an IDE INTERFACE for the computers of the XL/XE series. It took almost one year, until we had a hardware solution, which co-operated well with different computers and fixed disks. Almost the entire last year were then busy we to develop one also for the " normal user " manageable software. Here can throw times a view of it to it (57 kB jpg).

What knows the INTERFACE?


The INTERFACE can be ordered immediately (and only in writing, postcard been sufficient):

Stefan Birmanns
Kollwitzstr. 17

D-52134 Herzogenrath

The INTERFACE costs DM 120, - plus DM 18, - postage & packing.
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