Voice InterfaceVoice box for the 800XL computer
1991/97 THOR(Thomas judge)

Description OF this files:

Schematics.iff		:Schematics OF the hardware in IFF format
Schematics.gif		:same, but encoded in GIF.

HardwareHacks		:A description for the hardware hacks RH-QUIRED
for the INTERFACES, including modifications to make it working without
it.  To It is assumed that you know how to of open your computer and
how to apply the hacks, i.e. how to of open the computers and how to
find the ICs and the pins.  WARNED!  This requires some (NOT but very
much) practice in pay ring!

Driver.doc		:Documentation OF the software, i.e. the V:  more handler.

Voice.com		:The more handler itself.  It is designed
to work with turbo-basic and is loaded between the interpreters and
the DOS. It of does NOT set MEMLO, so this won't work with the
standard basic (it wants GET overwritten).  Minor modifications AR

Voice.asm		:The assembly LANGUAGE SOURCE
code, for the MAC/65 package.
Voice.lst		:Again the
assembly SOURCE, but in ATASCII.

VoicePins		:Pin
layout OF the connectors and the ICs.

VoiceParts		:The part cunning.