Atari 8-bit tiny archive


This collection comprises some more or less usefull files for or dealing with the Atari 8-bit computer. I hope they'll be of some use to you, too.

* (43767 bytes)
MS-DOS program for reading/writing Atari double density disks on a PC
* Whirlwind game (Atari executable, 2887 bytes)
a tiny game written by Heaven.
* Kitten (ARC archive, 9128 bytes)
A jump&run game written in Atari-Basic. It's about a cat. You're a boy cat and have to pick up enough flowers and give them to a girl cat. If you've picked too few flowers, the girl cat will kill you. Otherwise you'll advance to the next level. The program includes a level-editor. If you've created your own levels for "Kitten", please send them to me!!! This game was a type-in program from an old magazine. I don't remember which one. I hope it's OK to include it here.
* Kitten (DCM archive, 40580 bytes)
This version includes 30 levels designed by Andreas Magenheimer. Thanks Andreas!
* Dungeons of Xotha (ARC archive, 11953 bytes)
Another Jump & Run game from an old magazine. It's in BASIC. I've created two additional levels for this game, which are also included in the archive. Upon running the program will ask you which version you'd like to play. Xotha1 is the original, Xotha2 and Xotha3 each contain a level that is different. It will be loaded from disk on runtime. NOTE: if you decide to play version 2 or 3, you won't be able to play version 1 anymore unless you do another LOAD"D:XOTHA.BAS
Also if you play version 2 or 3 and then switch to version 3 or 2 respectively, the additional level from the prior version will remain in the game. Anyways, I like this game a lot and would be delighted if you could create some more levels for it and share them with me.
* Naval Battle (DCM archive, 76299 bytes)
An old game from ANTIC.
* Airforce (Atari BASIC file, 2685 bytes)
It's one of the first programs I've ever written. Pretty ugly and very very simple. The idea was taken from a booklet published by the German TV station SFB many years ago (must have been around 1985). Together with a friend we have spiced it up with a bit of sound and some colors. The objectve of the "game" is simple: navigate a plane as long as possible between the edges of a road. Well, actually it's much more fun to do just the opposite. You'll be rewarded by an elaborate crash sound :) It took me hours to figure out that sound! Before you take off, you can choose from four locations: jungle, desert, arctic and night (the last one isn't exactly a location, is it?). Have fun!
* The Golden Cellar (Atari BASIC file, 9823 bytes)
The first game I've ever typed in from a computer magazine. If appeared many many years ago in the German magazine HC - Homecomputer. I hope it's OK to place it here. First time I typed it in I actually didn't even have a tape recorder to save it, so I had to leave my Atari powered up for many days lest it disappear. After a while I finally got a 1010 tape recorder for Christmas and typed in the whole game for a second time.
It's a jump&run platform game. Gather all golden coins layed out everywhere and don't dare to touch the roaming spider. In order to complete a level find a key and unlock the padlock. If you're a tape recorder aficionado also download this Cassette Loader (Atari BASIC file, 1073 bytes).

Marek Tomczyk

last Update: February 9, 1999