The World of Books


Reading is easy: just read out loud one letter after another thus forming words. Once some words are in the air, they form sentences. Sentences gather into small groups for they don't want to be alone. These groups of sentences we call paragraphs. It happens that once upon a time paragraphs join in order to discuss a limited topic together. This topic is often called upon as chapter. There are many interest groups of paragraphs (i.e. chapters) discussing around so we put them together as well. For they all speak a similar language we describe all those discussion groups together as a book. Every book is like a nation, sharing common interests, language and philosophy. Of course there are also subversive characters among the inhabitants of books; they make it difficult to understand a nation as they don't always work in favor of their own book. In their dissent they can pour sand into the eyes of vistors so that they leave the country without seeing the most beautifull places and without meeting with the most nobel and worthy citizens. The Art of travel is mostly a skill that can be learned: the more countries you visit, the more you understand the customs of different peoples. A wise traveler doesn't quit traveling just because he disliked one particular country; he knows that in every country he can meet people he can understand easily and from whom he can aquire even more wisdom and knowledge. Maybe the most challenging kind of travel is time traveling. In this case you can't just go into another country, no, you also have to step behind in time. On time travel your own world renders more and more irrelevant as you proceed into the realm of past. Without knowing about ancient customs and ancient languages you aren't able to take full advantage of the wisdoms laying on every corner of an ancient world. So, brave adventurer take the time and study history and old languages of countries. Your hard labour will be rewarded when you'll come back from your travels. Then you'll be able to apply your acquired wisdom in your own time as well, maybe that wisdom will help you some day in creating new, unimaginably beautiful, strong and wealthy countries. Countries where all of the citizens live a happy life together and where there's no dissent and war of what kind so ever.

Marek Tomczyk