The Atari 130XE Computer

Atari 130XE

The Tramiels had kept the 8-bit line alive a little longer with the 130XE computer which was introduced at the Winter CES in 1985 along with the new 130ST (which proved to be out of date before release!) The new XE line of computers mainly being the 130XE (it was the only one really improved) had now included, a minimum of 128kb of RAM



Atari 130XE Specs
First Year 1982
Last year of production First quarter, 1985
Processor CPU MOS 6502c
Processor Speed 1.79mhz (NTSC) 1.77mhz (PAL)
Co-Processor 1 ANTIC
Co-Processor 2 GTIA
Co-Processor 3 (sound) Pokey
RAM 128kb
ROM 24kb (BASIC was in here)
Colours 16 colours, with 16 shades
Sound 3.5  Octaves and 4 Voices
OS a new 600/800XL OS w/ BASIC
I/O ports RGB video output
1 Cart slot
Expansion port
2 joystick ports