The Atari 600XL Computer

Atari 600XL

Four months later, Atari released the 600 and 800 XL computers in hope of getting Atari Computer users back to buying their computers. This time the XL computers WERE compatable to the older 400 and 800 computers. But, Really they weren't exactly...why? When the newer XL's were released they came with a translator disk which was really the 400/800 OS! so once it was loaded into RAM, a 400/800 program could be run with ease as there was enough RAM for both OS and Program. as long as the program was coded with almost perfect skills it was compatable. The 600XL was now the entry level computer and as such was cheaper to buy.


Atari 600XL Specs
First Year 1982
Last year of production First quarter, 1985
Processor CPU MOS 6502c
Processor Speed 1.79mhz (NTSC) 1.77mhz (PAL)
Co-Processor 1 ANTIC
Co-Processor 2 GTIA
Co-Processor 3 (sound) Pokey
RAM 16kb up to 48kb
ROM 24kb (BASIC was in here)
Colours 16 colours, with 16 shades
Sound 3.5  Octaves and 4 Voices
OS a new 600/800XL OS w/ BASIC
I/O ports RGB video output
1 Cart slot
Expansion port
2 joystick ports