Atari Computer Database About Page

Thank you for reading this About page.

This page started out as a school project that is currently still going, I am creating this website so that many people will be able to learn about the great computers that Atari had for sale back in the 1980's and 1990's. These were cheap yet powerfull computers that many people owned. Even the ACD's old Electric Power Consern, Ontario Hydro used Atari STe computers at their Nuclear Power plants!

As owner and maintainer of this site, I collect all that is and was Atari. I collect the video games as well as the computers. I use my Atari 1040STf everyday to work on school projects, (of course I would have to convert it to PC use....) play games, do my occasional review for the Atari Times website, or to write a story.


yep, we are so lame and so poor that we have to ask for donations, but we dont exactly want monitary donations (but thats fine too) but what we are looking for are the Atari Computers or stuff like diskdrives and mice themselves! With them, we would take countless photographs and test them out as much as possible.And then preserve them the way they should be.

Any questions you have just send em to us, the link is on the menu frame.