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The Programmer

SPI Flash programmer softwareMy name is Sebastian Bartkowicz (aka Candle) and i'm among many others repair tech specializing in monitors repair. For some time due to cutting costs and complexity monitor manufacturers are switching to new memory devices for firmware storage - high capacity serial eeproms. Currently, I'm working as PCB designer for eClicto project - an e-ink ebook reader.

You can find them in hard drives, monitors, graphics cards, dvd drives (eg Benq VAD6038 from XBOX 360), or serving as configuration devices for FPGA chips.

Since i was having more and more broken down Dell 1905FPt monitors with corrupted firmware i was really despret to get some programmer that could read and write back to those chips. official programmer hardwareI needed a tool, and i needed it fast.

Current version is v1.81

Sorry for not responding to any contact forms lately, but i had my notification form set to an adress that doesn't exist anymore face-wink.png Now its updated, so if You have any questions about the programmer or atari related "creations" just drop me a line face-wink.png