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Note that my adresses in the downloads are nolonger valid. If you wish to reach me please use Thanks in advance.

Rudolf's Atari 'department':

These pictures show my Atari-corner.

The monitor I used was a Zenith composite video monitor. It had an amber colored screen which was sharp and did not flicker. This was nessesary for me as I frequently worked with small fonts and also spent much time with my Atari. A Color screen was something I did not have much use for, nor could I afford one.

The 600Xl is actually a 130XE with the upper 64Kb RAM (the RAMdisk with DOS2.5) build with static SRAMS including battery-backup. Also it contains an ATARI compatible, modified OS with 2400baud cassette interface (I called this 'R.OSV2'). The BASIC ROM is also 16KB in size, one half filled with Atari BASIC rev C., the other half with the assembler I always used (Synapse Assembler/XL). I made this assembler reset-proof, 'renumbered' it to get it into BASIC adress space, and it can be started from BASIC with the (added) command 'ASM'. It can also be started from a special (OS ROM-based) boot menu so it's possible to get to the assembler without first starting BASIC.

The 1050 diskdrive is upgraded with a 'happy' clone, which I seldomly used. I was very fond of the 'standard' DOS2.5, atari BASIC and the assembler I put in ROM.

In the first picture you can also see the communication computer I built and used for years...


Rudolf's Atari projects:

EPROM programmer. This is a card with BASIC/machine lanquage software to program 8 and 16kbyte EPROMs. The printed circuit board details are included in the download.

(note that the Email adress contained in this archive is incorrect.)

Download EPROM programmer.


IOCOMPV3: Communication computer, version 3. This is a stand alone computer which resembles the ATARI 850interface. It connects to the ATARI serial interface, and contains one Centronics and one RS232 interface. Also it contains a simple 'mailbox', which can be used as a simple stand-alone BBS when the ATARI itself is turned-off. The firmware is contained in a 8Kb ROM, while the 'message board' is containted in a 8kB RAM chip. Also the remote user can print simple messages to the printerport if a printer is connected.

The printed circuit board files are included in the download. Also the EPROM BINfile is included. The sources exist on paper only (coded the whole thing by hand!). It runs on a Motorola MC6802 CPU. The bootloader and driver (which are uploaded by IOCOMP and then executed on the ATARI computer) are relocatable 65C02 code. The whole thing is reasonable 850 compatible.

(note that the Email adress contained in this archive is incorrect.)

Download IOCOMP_V3.


More screenshots...

smARTWORX: My ATARI XL/XE version of smARTWORK for the PC. This printed circuit board design program consists of three parts:

1. EDIT.COM : The layout editor;
2. XFER.COM : The exchange program for ATARI to PC and vice-versa;
3. PRINT.COM : The printerdriver. This was never finished though... (Who will do this??).

The complete source-code for all programs is included in the download (written with Synapse Assembler/XL). Also included is the 'smartguide', the manual for smARTWORX. A 'readme.txt' file describes the whole package.

With this package you can create double sided PCB's without silkscreen or single sided PCB's with silkscreen. The max. size for the circuit board is 4.0 x 6.4 inch (a 'eurocard'). Only non-smd components with inch-oriented pin distances are supported. The minimal distance between two traces supported is 1/20 inch. The program contains a simple single-trace autorouter. Block load and save is supported so you can create a library with components. This package works with diskdrives (including the DOS2.5 RAMdisk) and also with cassette. On cassette it uses short-IRG's (Inter Record Gaps) for program load and also for design load and save operations.

NOTE that all hardware designs I made are available for this program, included in the respective downloads.

(note that the Email adress contained in this archive is incorrect.)

Download smARTWORX part 1 of 2.
Download smARTWORX part 2 of 2.


More projects will be listed here at a later date. I have to find them in my archives first...


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