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Atari History :: Chapter 12 - Game over

1996 - Atari merged into JTS, a start-up disk drive manufacturer with $50 Million.  Support for Jaguar and continuation of the Atari brand was assured to share holders - this never happened.  JTS ceased operations last year (1998).  Hasbro Interactive purchased all properties and patents of Atari Inc. from JTS for $5 Million in 1998.

Hasbro Interactive is releasing many Atari branded titles from the vast back catalogue of Atari games for the PC and Playstation, and has also released the Jaguar system into the public domain after much pressure from the loyal Jaguar user base.  3rd party software development is now taking place since this notice from Hasbro.

Hasbro sold many of its property rights, including those of Atari to Infogrames, a French software development company on December 6th 2000.  No we must wait and see if the Atari signature will grace any new software or products once more, or is the really the end of the road for one of the most recognised brands in the world.

Atari TOS systems are still being manufactured in Europe by a number of companies, the latest being Milan of Germany.

The Atari community is still very active, even the 8-bit systems of the early eighties are being used today.  Check out our Emulation section to learn more!

 1972 - the birth of Atari
 The world goes Pong crazy
 Launch of the VCS
 Atari grows up
 Just before the crash...
 1984 - The crash
 The new Atari Corporation
 Computer wars
 Playing the game
 Survival of the fittest
 Let's play games again
 1996 - Game over

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