Supercharger development files

Dev Overview
Dasm Assembler
Distella Disassembler
Hardware Hack
Cutbin .bin fixer
Tape Format
Solaris Source
Makebin v1.0
WplayBin Version 1.1 updated February 23, 1998

   WPlayBin allows you to load Atari ROM images into the Supercharger by simply double-clicking on them through Windows Explorer! It also has a nice interface that allows you to set various play parameters.
   This program requires Windows 95 or Windows NT and a soundcard. For it to be useful, you should also have an Atari 2600 and a Supercharger. If you already have downloaded version 1.0, click here to get just the updated executable

Please visit the homepage of Bridgestone they hold the rights to the Supercharger games.
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