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Due to popular demand (well, one of you asked me about it:) I'd like to give you the opportunity to see what's new, what's great and what's possible on the Atari 8-bit demo "scene". The following "Dentros" have been programmed by Heaven, who lives some 35 kilometers away from this place. Enjoy! (BTW: Heaven is a male coder, he is NOT female as some people thought).

* Carpediem Dentro (Atari executable, 34 KBytes)
Note: You may experience some problems while running this demo with other DOS'es than DOS 2.5. You can safely start it through the ABBUC-Magazine menue, though.
* 4K-dentro (Atari executable, 4 KBytes)
It's another recent "dentro" by Heaven. The sound may be a bit of place, but otherwise it should be nice. Smell the fire!!
* 8k-dentro (Atari executable, 9 KBytes)
The X-K dentro series goes on.. Here's a blurb written by Heaven.
* 16k-dentro (Atari executable, 16 KBytes)
Prepare yourself for a world premiere: Heaven presents a new graphics mode developed by HARD-Software from Hungary! See mindblazing graphics in nearly flicker-free 30 colors and 160x200 resolution!!! You haven't seen anything like this before on the 8-bit, have you? Here's a description of HIP and the demo. Also get the HIP-FAQ if you want to learn all about the HIP-mode.
* (ZIP-archive, 24 KBytes)
Archive containing tools dealing with HIP. PC executable and Atari 8bit tools
* r34lly unr34l Intro (Atari executable, 13 KBytes) fixed!!!
This intro made the 3rd place at the demo/intro-competition held at the "Rush Hour"-Party 97 in Poland! Would you like to have a look at the source-code for this demo? Then read Heaven's introduction and have a look at the actual source-code!!!!
* Ultra2-Preview (Atari executable, 26 KBytes)
Preview of a new demo project called Ultra2. Read some more details about this brand new preview.
* Title Demo for Abbuc-Magazine #44 (Atari executable, 20 KBytes)
by Heaven
* Title Demo for Abbuc-Magazine #46 (Atari executable, 13 KBytes)
by Heaven
* Title Demo for Abbuc-Magazine #47 (Atari executable, 21 KBytes)
by Heaven
* Title Demo for Abbuc-Magazine #50 (Atari executable, 21 KBytes)
by Heaven
* Title Demo for Abbuc-Magazine #52 (Atari executable, 31 KBytes)
by Heaven
* Title Demo for Abbuc-Magazine #53 (Atari executable, 8 KBytes)
by Heaven

* Alfa demo (Atari executable, 27 KBytes)
An older demo by Pawel Lapinski. I've found it on comp.sys.atari.8bit. It's all in Polish. The demo presents some kind of a game.
* X-Demo (Atari executable, 47K)
A demo by Bewesoft

* Demo Kurs (ASCII-Text, 20 KBytes)
Wie programmiere ich Demos? Ein ausfühlicher Kurs von Heaven (Article on programming demos, intros, dentros etc. by Heaven. Sorry, it's all in German right now...)
NOTE: may be unreadable with some browsers... I'll fix it later. Sorry for now.
* Statement on HyPeRiOn demo (HTML document, 3 KBytes)
Read about the future of the upcoming HyPeRiOn demo by HeAvEn/TaquarT

Marek Tomczyk

Last update: October 18, 1998