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Welcome to the Atari 8-bit Resort. This Atari 8-bit page has been online since mid of 1994. It is growing extremely slowly but steadily. My main objective is to keep you up to date with upcoming events which feature 8-bit Ataris. I also suggest that you have a look at the links further down on this page. They point to other interesting 8-bit areas throughout the network. I try to keep the links as up to date as possible. Please feel free to send in any corrections and additions as long as they deal with our vinatage but still superb Atari 8-bit computers.

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Termine Events Termine Events Termine Events Termine Events Termine Events

2004 ACEC Atari Swap Meet
On Saturday, September 11, 2004 the 2004 ACEC Atari Swap Meet will be held in Columbus, Ohio. Same location as last year. Times will be 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All Atari products are supported including 2600, 5200, 7800, 400-800 XL XE, ST, Lynx, Jaguar. There is a small admission fee for attendees and for vendors. All proceeds go to support the event. A good turnout from Ohio and the surrounding states is anticipated. See this map link for location information. Additional information can be found at the official site.

Links to Atari 8-bit resources:

FAQs, lists, reference materials, manuals...

* Atari 8-bit FAQs (by Michael Current)

* Mapping The Atari (on-line version) (maintained by Kevin Savetz)

* Atari Kyan Pascal, US Doubler Manual / Mapping The Atari (by Robert Ryan)

Magazines, magazine alike - On-line and printed

* MyAtari - monthly on-line magazine (by Matthew Bacon)

* Tajemnice Atari - nieoficjalne elektroniczne archiwum (by Pixel)

* XLE-Mag (by Bastian Bührig)

* Mega Magazine (by Ivo van Poorten and Freddy Offenga)

* Antic - The Atari Resource (by Kevin Savetz)

commercial, service, sales, vendors

* Computer Software Services (CSS) Home Page (Blackbox, etc.) (by CSS)

* Sintech Online Shop (carries also Atari 8-bit) (by Sintech)

* Atari 8-Bit Computers at (by Gregory L. Miller)

* 4JAYS (by 4JAYS)

* Bravo Sierra Computers (also carries Atari 8-bit items) (by Ben Smith)

* B & C ComputerVisions (Atari sales & service) (by B & C)

* Best Electronics (by Best Electronics)

* DGS Homepage (Atari 8-bit vendor & developer) (by Dean Garraghty)

* Magnus-Software Dresden (deutsch) (English) (by M. Heinzig)

* Atari 8bit by JRC Online (in Czech) (by JRC Online)

Demo scene related, mostly Polish, Czech, Slovak but not only..

* TrinitySite Encyklopedia Muzykˇw Atarowskich (by Greg)

* Last Party 2000 and other party links and news (by Vasco/Tristesse)

* AIDS (demo group) (by AIDS)

* Quasimodos (demo group) (by Krzysztof Paizert)

* Atari Homepage (by Kansy)

* NEW GENERATION site (demo group) (by doesn't seem to work?

* The Official Site of Bit Busters Computer Group (demo group) (by Alexander Martin)

* Official TIGHT group WWW page (by Gumi/TIGHT)

* HARD Software's Homepage (by Hard Software)

* HeAvEn`s Homepage (another one... ;) (by Heaven)

* GMG Headquarters (demo group) (by Marek A. Horvat) very nice!

* Satantronic's Atari XL/XE page (demo group) (by Satantronic)

* Atari XL/XE Demos Page (by Sven Gleich)

* Atari Internet Magazyn (by Ireneusz Pelech)

tending to be more hardware related and/or technical

* Tajemnice Atari (programming) (by Adam Kazimierczak)

* Mathy's first Homepage (Atari ASPI, MyDOS, ...) (by Mathy van Nisselroy)

* Pairman Atari 8-bit Stuff (by Pairman)

* Walter Lojek's Atari 8-bit Homepage (by Walter Lojek)

* Atari 8-bit Stuff (by Nathan Hartwell)

* (by David Lloyd)

* MacFalkner's Atari 8bit Projects (German and English) (by MacFalkner)

* Clerence's Atari 8bit page (by Clarence Dyson)

* Atari Technical Information (by Trevin Beattie)

* Atari 800 web server (by Kevin M. Loch)

* Reviving Your Atari (by Nir Dary)

* Atari 8-bit developers page (by Freddy Offenga)

* Eric's Atari Stuff (by Eric Cron)

* Atari Hardware Showcase (by Eric Parent)

* The Atari 8-Bit (by Craig Lisowski, aka BRiTiSH)

* The Atari 8-bit Hardware Upgrade, Modification and Add-On FAQ (by David A. Paterson)

* The 8-Bit Atari Mod Home Page (by Michael Jewison)

* Frankfuter Hardware (Hardware hacks and info on Regionalgruppe Frankfurt) (by Thomas Grasel)

* Tips & Tricks zum Atari 800XL) (by Sven Friedrichs)

* Atari XL (IDE-Controller for Atari 8-bit) (by Stefan Birmanns)

* The SIO2PC Page (by Nick Kennedy)

* Atari 8-bit & Linux (by Pavel Machek)

Developer ressources

* Atari 8-bit Cross-Platform development tools (by Mark Schmelzenbach)

* The Atari Developper Resource (by Eric Bacher)

personal homepages flavored with Atari 8-bit reminiscence

* Pierre Faller Atari page (en française) (by Pierre Faller)

* Atari Small fry (by Delbert McCool)

covering a wide range of topics

* Atari 8-bit page (by Freddy Offenga)

* Boot Factory 2000 (by Cabell Clark)

* Atari XL/XE von Andreas Hintermüller (by Andreas Hintermüller)

* Rick's ATARI 8Ball (by Rick Detlefsen)

* Swiat Malego Atari (by ???)

* Atari Strikes Back (by XLent)

* atari home-page (by Sijmen Schouten)

* Atari Stuff (by Garry Pankhurst)

* Sitio dedicado al Atari 8-BIT (by _Bl00dFeaST_)

* Thunderdome, the Atari 8-Bit site (by SysOp Fox-1)

* 8biscuits (by frohikey)

* Atari 8-bit page (links, projects) (by Raphael James Espino)

* MS-Software - Homepage (BOSS) (by Mirko Sobe)

* Mr. Bacardi's homepage (by Mr.Bacardi)

* Atari Area (Polish) (by Daniel Kozminski)

* Atari Cartridge Dumping Project (by Jindrich Kubec)

* Atari 8-bit - RASTER (in Czech) (by Radek Sterba)

* Internetový Casopis 8mi (in Czech) (by Petr Liebl)

* The Atari 8-Bit Home Page (by Ivo van Poorten)

* NEW BREED SOFTWARE's Atari Page (by Bill Kendrick)

* ABBUC News Archiv (by Thomas Rosanski)

* Atari 400 und 800 (by Matthias Jaap)

* Spudsian Atari 8-bit Collection (by Mark R. Zembrzuski)

* Atari 1400 XLd (and other) (by Thierry Schembri and Olivier Boisseau)

* The ATARI 8bit-world of Waseo (by Thorsten Helbing)

* Highlander Soft's Site (by Raimund Altmayer)

* ATARI 8-Bit Homepage (by DATABYTE, Matthias Faust)

* Atari XL/XE (by Matthias Faust) where is it now?

* Russ Gilbert's Home page (by Russ Gilbert)

fun, movies, graphics, music...

* Atari SAP Music Archive (by PG)

* Atari XL/XE and MIDI (by Ireneusz Kuczek)

* Tom D'Ambrosio's "Break Movie" Warehouse (ATASCII movies) (by Tom D'Ambrosio)

games, games, games...

* Atari 400 et jeux (en Français) (by Christian Roy)

* Ejber Ozkan's old English games information (by Ejber Ozkan)

* Sikor Soft (game programmer) (by Pawel Sikorski)

* Leszka Zaciury strona o Atari (game reviews, Polish) (by Leszek Zaciura)

* atari/xl (Games, Emulators) (by daniel)

* Galaxian for Atari Home Computers (by Petros Loukareas)

* Reminiscing: 8-Bit Atari Games (by John V. Goodman)

* Atari Gaming Headquarters (by Keita Iida, John Hardie and Les Caron)

* Holme's Atari 8bit Games (by Aaron Wheeler)

* Classic 8-Bit Atari (by James Catalano)

* Atari 8-bit game reviews (by Marcus Phillips)

* Atari 8-Bit Computer game screen shots (by Michael J. Novak Jr.)

* Atari 8-bit Docs, Hints and Solutions (by Larry Richardson)

* Tolkien computer games for the Atari 400 (by Fredrik Ekman)

* The M*U*L*E Web (by GRUBsoft inc.)

Alternate Reality

* Alternate Reality on the Web (by Mollywhop)

* The Alternate Reality Home Page (by Robert Hagenström) maybe it will come again?

Downloads, Archives

* Gopher Mirror of Umich Atari Archive

* QNTAL's Homepage (by Frederik Holst)

* Atari 8-bit Games Archive (by VjEtNaM)

* Atari 8Bit - Homesoft (by Mike Langer)

* Itay Chamiel's Atari Software (by Itay Chamiel) is it gone?

* Oliver┤s Atari-Archiv (by Oliver Börner)

* Umich Atari 8-Bit Archive (by University of Michigan)

* XL Search - The Atari 8-bit FTP search engine (by Bill Kendrick)

Clubs, SIGs, Institutions...

* Atari Preservation Project (maintained by Freddy Offenga)

* Old Hackers User Group Newsletter Archive (maintained by Kevin Savetz)

* Atari_Ohio Forum (by Don Bowlin)

* Toronto Atari Federation (by Stephen Christian)

* SAGE Homepage (by SAGE)

* St. Paul ATARI Computer Enthusiasts (SPACE) (by Michael Current)

* Atari ACEC Club Site (by ACEC)

* ABBUC e.V. (by Wolfgang Burger)


* ABBUC Regional Gruppe Elmshorn (by ARE)

mainly containing links... (but not only)

* Just8Bit 8-bit TopSites (by Gary Paluk)

* Atari 800 (by Ray Wilmott)

* Atari Central (Link Database) (by Erhard Puetz)

* Trailing Edge Atari 8-Bit Pages (by David Williams)

* Atari 8-bit Page (mirror site) (by Wes Hinsley)

* Flashback to Atari 8-bit Links and Files (by Kirk Webb)

* WWWorld of Atari 8-bit... (by Peter Garriga)

* Ryan's Classic Atari Page (by Ryan J. I. Goolevitch)

* Alpha Omega Systems Atari 8bit page (by Seth Hopkinson)

Bits of History

* 8-Bit TV Commercials (by Scott Atari)

* Nostalgia v3.1 / 2000 - Atari 8bit (by CHILLZ)

* The Atari Historical Society (by Curt Vendel)

* The Atari 400/800 and OSS (by Paul Laughton)

Pictures of Atari Equipement

* ARRGH! - Atari 8-bits (by Mat Simpson)

* Atarimania (by Franck Palusci) [new]

* Atari 65 XE Arabic version (by Kevin Savetz)

* Mein 8 Bit Museum (mit Atari 8bit) (by Altay Basdogan)

* Glenn's Atari Showroom (by Glenn Bruner)

* The Atari Library - Atari 8bit Computer Systems (by ???)

* Atari 400 (by Claudio Okrina)

* The Atari Exhibition (also 8bit) (by Hans-Martin Krober)

various utilities and software

* JLS Basic Compiler (by Jeffrey Glen Jackson)

* ATOS - ATari Operating System (by Tom Hunt)

* Entwicklungen für Atari 8bit (by Burkhard Rau)

emulators & utilities

* Atari800 Emulation page (by Petr Stehlik)

* Atari Emulator Homepage (by Tony Smolar)

* Mark's Atari World (Emulators, ROMs, Games) (by Mark Knight)

* Atari 8-Bit Emulatoren (by Jörg Wysk)

* APE Home Page (by Steve Tucker)

* Emulators Inc. Online (Atari 8-bit Emulator for PC and ST) (by Darek Mihocka)

* Atari XL/XE Utilities (also Pooldisk CD-ROM) (by Bo Schreurs)

* Rainbow, Atari 8-bit Emulator for Mac (by Chris Lam)

* Atari800Win (David Firth's Atari800 emulator with DirectX-Support) (by Rich Lawrence)

* Atari800Win PLus (yet another Atari800 emulator version) (by Tomasz Szymankowski)

* win95 frontend for XL-it! (by Roland Gimpl)

* ACE: Atari Computer Emulator (800/XL/XE) (by Frank Barrus) (Go to near the bottom of that page)

* Atari 8-bit Projects & Stuff (ROM Documentation Project) (by Sidney Cadot)

* Stephan's Retrocomputing Site: Atari 8bit series (by Stephan Süberkrüb)

Forums, Chats, Message boards, Newsgroups, Mailing lists
* The Underground Node #472 Message base (Atari 8-bit) (by RenÚ de Bie)

* The 8-bit Atari Mailing List (by Maciej Grzeszczuk)

* 8-bit Forum (by

* comp.sys.atari.8bit (by all of us)

General, still not sorted, don't know yet

* Atari Planet (by InfoMan)

* Ken's Atari 8-bit Page (Utils, Emulation, Games) (by Ken Siders)

* Atari 8-Bit (by Janko Grewe) maybe it will come again?

* Atari is alive (in English) / (version française) (by Christian DELELIS)

* Atari 800 (by T. Carlson)

* Planet Irata: Atari 8-bit Computers (by Anthony Metour Cervo)

* Atari 8 bit (by Peter Nyman)

* 8-Bit-Nirvana: Atari (by Sascha Hoogen)

* Unfinished Projects Page (by David Wyn Davies)

* The Closer To Home Web Page (the new one) (by Tom Hunt)

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